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Fun & Fair Play Promise

At BonanzaWin, fun is serious business. This means offering the latest games as well as all the classics. The best odds and the latest updates. The most realistic gameplay and the most responsive, stable and immersive platform. It means joining forces with the most experienced people in the industry and employing the most advanced technologies and financial solutions.

But most of all it means keeping our members safe and their money secure. That means taking every technological and human precaution to keep the gaming fair. It means cracking down on underage gambling and taking our social responsibilities seriously.

We know that our members are all responsible adults, but we also know that for some gambling can become a problem.

So if you’re thinking of becoming a member or you’ve already joined the club, we hope you’ll bear in mind the following:

• Never think of gambling as a way of making money – it’s simply entertainment.
• Only risk sums that you can afford to risk.
• If you lose a bet or a game, don’t chase your losses.
• Keep an eye on how long you’re spending on our site.

Fair Play
In a lot of ways it’s easier to ensure a fair game online than it is in real life. There’s no way to deal from the bottom of the pack, sneek a peek, mark the cards or stack a deck.

However, there are other ways people try to beat the odds. A very few have been known to collude with one another round the poker table or have computer algorithms play their hands for them.

That’s why we’ve got a variety of technological and human systems in place to spot any irregularities. Our members can rest easy - everything from sports betting to casino games, slots and lotto are completely, one hundred per cent straight down the line.

Underage gambling
We use various technological and procedural methods to ensure that nobody under the age of 18 is able to become a member and play on BonanzaWin. In some countries it’s a legal obligation, but just to be on the safe side, it’s adults only wherever we operate.

Parental controls
However effective we are at restricting membership to adults, we need members’ help – especially when it comes to shared computers or telephones. We’d ask all our members who share their phone or computer with minors to install the appropriate internet filters and restrictive software.